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Children, Youth and Family Ministry Specialization

The specialization in Children, Youth, and Family Ministry at Indiana Wesleyan University opens a gateway to shaping the future of church and community leadership. This program via Wesley Seminary is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and spiritual foundation required to make a transformative impact in the lives of children, youth, and families. Through a comprehensive curriculum that blends academic rigor with practical ministry training, students are prepared to address the unique challenges and opportunities within family ministry, fostering environments where young individuals and families can thrive in their faith journey.

The Children, Youth, and Family Ministry specialization is a vibrant part of Indiana Wesleyan University's commitment to nurturing future leaders who can inspire and guide the next generation towards a fulfilling spiritual life. This specialization, integral to the broader scope of ministry studies, offers a deep dive into the dynamics of ministering to diverse age groups within the family unit. It is structured to provide students with a holistic understanding of developmental stages, family systems, and the sociocultural factors that influence faith formation in both individual and communal contexts.

What Will I Learn in this Particular Ministry Program?

In this Children, Youth and Family Ministry program, students will learn to craft and implement effective ministry strategies tailored to the needs of children, youth, and their families. They will explore foundational and contemporary theories of spiritual and psychological development, equipping them with the insights needed to foster healthy spiritual growth. The curriculum emphasizes the creation of inclusive, engaging, and supportive ministry environments, enabling students to develop programs that resonate with and meet the spiritual needs of younger congregations and their guardians.

What You'll Study

Coursework for your ministry degree covers:

  • The sociological dynamics of family systems to develop appropriate models of care, counseling, and ministry programming for families
  • The dynamics of child and adolescent development with a view to developing appropriate models of programming and ministry for children, teens, and their families
  • Effective ministry to all generations present or potentially present in a ministry context
  • Family systems theory as a framework to expose students to basic concepts in pre-marital, marriage and family therapy