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Biblical Studies Specialization

Ready to dive into the Biblical Studies Specialization at Indiana Wesleyan University? This marks the beginning of a profound journey into the essence and teachings of the biblical scriptures. This program offered at Wesley Seminary is thoughtfully crafted to deepen students' understanding of the Bible, enhancing their connection with God's word while equipping them with the essential skills for accurate interpretation and relevant application of biblical texts in contemporary settings.

What Will I Learn in this Biblical Studies Program?

In this program, students will delve into the historical contexts, theological themes, and literary beauty of biblical literature. They will master the art of biblical exegesis, applying critical analytical techniques to unearth the profound messages contained within the biblical texts. The program places a strong emphasis on contextualizing the teachings of the Bible, preparing students to connect ancient wisdom with modern-day challenges, thereby enriching their ministry with relevance and depth. Graduates of this track will not only possess a deep-seated understanding of the Scriptures but will also be adept at engaging with and disseminating its eternal truths, creating a meaningful impact in their communities and beyond.

The Biblical Studies specialization at Wesley Seminary represents an ideal blend of academic rigor and spiritual enrichment, making it a perfect choice for those seeking to advance their biblical knowledge and ministerial capabilities. This program offers a transformative educational experience where faith and intellect converge.

What You'll Study

Coursework for your biblical studies degree covers:

  • Central theological themes of including the character and mission of God, creation and the redemption of Christ, the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit
  • The ministry of the apostle Paul and his practical theology as a unity that responds to the ministerial demands of his context
  • A critical examination of Torah texts that address components of worship
  • A study of the books of Revelation and Daniel as well as other apocalyptic writings from the Intertestamental and early Christian periods