The Forge

The Forge is the leadership development ministry of Pine Cove serving men and women between the ages of 21 and 27. The Forge enables eager influencers to experience the sufficient life in Christ, and develops leaders who embody a faith worth following. Join us in our journey as we live, work, and travel together.


Incredible opportunity for travel await students of the Forge. Traveling flings the students into formative decision-making opportunities and memorable experiences. As the students encounter the unexpected in unknown places, they gain new perspective and chances to learn lessons that cannot be taught in a classroom. Forge students embark on many of these experiences each year. The culmination of all of our travel: a ten-day study tour of Israel.

Intensive Learning

The classroom environment is an essential part of any education. Unlike collegiate courses, however, Forge classes are aimed at developing the God-given design within each student rather than simply downloading information vital to passing an exam. Forge teachers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and levels of expertise. The classroom environment is as experiential and challenging as possible. Many of our students say the learning they had in the Forge was more stimulating and effective than any of their four years in college.


Graduates of the The Forge can receive 12 hours of Advanced Standing with credit towards a masters program at Wesley Seminary.