Faculty Profile

Larisa Levicheva

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Religious and Ministerial Studies

Ph.D.; Th.M.; M.Div.

Larisa Levicheva serves as Associate Professor of Biblical Studies. Her responsibilities include teaching Bible classes, biblical Hebrew and Greek, and Foundational Components in the MA and MDiv programs.


Dr Levicheva served as full-time interpreter for the Wesleyan mission in Vladimir, Russia 1995-2004. During that time she was involved in serving with the Youth Department and developing education materials for youth and children. After graduating from Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY, she returned to Vladimir, Russia to teach for two years at the Wesleyan Bible College in Vladimir, Russia. In 2005-2011 together with her husband Dr Abson Joseph she served as a Lecturer at Caribbean Wesleyan College in Torrington, Jamaica focusing on the areas of biblical exegesis, biblical languages, missions, and contextualization.

Larisa describes her testimony; “I was born and raised in a non-Christian family in the time when religion was outlawed in Russia. For the first time I heard about God and Christianity when I worked as an interpreter in the very first Russian-American Christian Youth Camp in the summer of 1993. After the camp was over, I was asked to help the missionaries who stayed in Vladimir to interpret for Bible studies, church services, and other ministries. As I watched the missionaries, I witnessed an attitude of peace, contentment, and overwhelming faith that permeated their every decision. With time I surrendered my life to God and was able to experience peace that transcended all understanding in my own life. Since 1994 God has been faithful to me and has richly blessed my family and me.

I have been involved in theological education for fourteen years and am excited to join the faculty of Wesley Seminary now. I am looking forward to the new chapter in my walk with the Lord!”


Larisa and her husband, Dr. Abson Joseph, who is originally from Haiti, have been married for thirteen years. Abson is a New Testament Professor and teaches at the School of Theology and Ministry, IWU. Larisa and Abson have two daughters: Daniella and Sophie.

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