We are recognized as a regional and/or national testing facility for several different types of assessments. IWU is committed to assisting all of our students as they make progress toward their educational goals.

Adult Students and Non-IWU Students Wishing to take Advantage of Academic Testing

If you are an adult student considering CLEP or DSST subject area proficiency exams, please have that conversation with your Student Services Adviser. Your adviser will look at your individual information and help you choose an exam that will count toward your degree completion plan while not duplicating previously taken coursework. We also offer the MAT for advanced degree programs.

IWU Adult and Professional Studies Education Centers will also administer CLEP and DSST exams for non-IWU students. This testing can be obtained at any of our Education Centers. Students wishing to schedule an exam should contact the Education Center of their choice to make an appointment to test.

Students in IWU Adult and Professional Studies programs and non-IWU students (not traditional undergraduate students) may use the following links to register for exams and pay transcription fees.

DSST Registration

CLEP Registration

IWU Traditional Undergraduate Students

If you are a traditional undergraduate student, we encourage you to find us on the national registries for the ACT and CLEP exams. The Center for Student Success on campus can also offer alternative academic testing for learning accommodations in the classroom. Please contact Nan Turner in the Center at nan.turner@indwes.edu for more information or further assistance.

Last updated: 10/24/2016