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Creating Learning Environments

University Academic Affairs  is charged with casting an academic vision, creating and implementing academic priorities, and leading the academic endeavors of the University.  The VP of Academic Affairs works closely with the academic leaders in Indiana Wesleyan’s College of Adult and Professional Studies, College of Arts and Sciences, and Wesley Seminary.

Additionally, the desire of  University Academic Affairs  is to create the best environment possible for learning and growth to occur.  This happens through the inclusion of transformational learning in each of our academic programs, the promotion of academic excellence in our classrooms, the systematic assessment and improvement of student learning, and the continued development of our faculty in teaching, mentoring, and scholarship.

Academic Vision for Indiana Wesleyan University

Guide for Hiring Mission-fit Faculty

Shared Governance at IWU

Research at IWU

At Indiana Wesleyan University, we recognize the importance of research and scholarship, both to faculty and to students. The research of our faculty covers a diverse range of topics, including the use of text messaging to encourage practice testing in psychology courses, new methods for treating a cancer drug side effect, the importance of a common currency to successful economic integration, strategies for promoting a growth mindset in students, and various techniques to improve the mobility of non-ambulatory patients (to name only a few).

Such scholarship not only keeps our faculty involved in their field of study, but it also provides students with opportunities to have hands-on experience with research themselves. Two of our faculty speak to the importance of scholarship in the video below.

Scholarship Council

Indiana Wesleyan University’s Faculty Senate charges the Scholarship Council to promote faculty and student scholarly activities via scholarship awards, The Faculty Scholarship Symposium, faculty recognition awards, and more!

Scholarship Awards: The Scholarship Council offers scholarships to faculty and students for their research endeavors. The Scholarship Council Awards Overview provides information for each award, including information, applications, and rubrics.

The Faculty Scholarship Symposium: This is an annual event, held in the Fall, featuring faculty scholarly work. Features include faculty presentations and posters, and a guest speaker.

Faculty Recognition Awards: The Scholarship Council solicits nominations for the Outstanding Scholarship award and the Outstanding Teaching & Mentoring award. The Outstanding Teaching & Mentoring award is presented during the spring commencement. The Outstanding Scholarship award is presented during the Faculty Scholarship Symposium.

Workshops and Mentoring: The Scholarship Council offers sporadic workshops on research topics and ongoing research/writing groups. The Scholarship Council members mentor emerging scholars through specific projects.

Dr. Bart B. Bruehler
Scholarship Council Chair
Associate Professor of New Testament

Grant and Research Support

The mission of the IWU Grants Office is to find appropriate funding opportunities through coordinated efforts among the various University offices, assist faculty, administrators and staff in the successful pursuit of external grant funding to support both the accomplishment of institutional objectives and the advancement of individual research and professional development, and to manage grant awards.

heather lowmiller headshot
Heather Lowmiller
Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs

*Indiana Wesleyan University encourages its faculty to seek external funding for their research interests. Please contact the Grants office to ask questions, to discuss your research, and to find the possible funding sources.

University Professor

Dr. Jerry Pattengale 

Dr. Pattengale serves as the University Professor, and the co-director and co-founder of the Lumen Research Institute (partnering with Excelsia College, Australia). He founded J.C. Body Shop (youth program) in Marion, Indiana and co-founded The Night of Champions (Azusa Pacific). He serves on various boards including Yale’s Jonathan Edwards Center, Christianity Today, Christian Scholar’s Review (assoc. pub.), Africa New Life (Rwanda), Changing Destiny (Asia), and the National Press Club’s Membership Committee (DC). He was also one of the two founding scholars and among the three founding leaders of the Museum of the Bible (DC), and has served in executive leadership during most of its existence.

University Academic Leadership Council

Dr. Aly Williams
Vice President of Academic Affairs CAS and Chief Academic Officer
Dr. Abson Joseph
Vice President of Academic Affairs, Wesley Seminary
Dr. J. Michael Manning
Vice President for Academic Affairs, CAPS
Mr. Jay Wise
Dean of University Libraries