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Develop Yourself Cross-culturally

Indiana Wesleyan University offers numerous opportunities for students to develop themselves in cross-cultural environments. Explore the ways Global Engagement can facilitate growth in your life at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Education Abroad

Education abroad is a way for students at IWU to experience education outside of Marion, Indiana. Abroad opportunities vary in length, from weeklong trips over Spring Break to entire semesters abroad. Learn More >

Exchange Programs

Exchange programs at IWU provide ways for international students and scholars to experience life at IWU. Whether through traditional semester-long exchange programs or through short-term experiences, IWU is proud to host people from around the world! Learn More >

Strategic Growth Initiatives

The Global Engagement area within Academic Affairs at IWU has developed numerous strategic growth initiatives as Indiana Wesleyan University strives to live out its mission both in Marion and around the world. IWU is committed to strategically growing as a place of diversity and global awareness. Learn More >

The Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is a college preparatory, English language and cultural immersion experience designed for international students, particularly students who desire to attend university in the United States of America. Learn More >

Exchange Programs

Cultural Immersion Program

Get a taste of college life in the United States! Indiana Wesleyan University cultural immersion program is a short exchange experience for international high school students that takes place on the IWU-Marion campus.

Bridge Program

Brush up on your English skills and learn U.S. culture! The Bridge Program is a first-year experience for international college students who wish to pursue language competence, cultural intelligence and a degree on the IWU-Marion campus.

Semester Abroad @ IWU

Experience the IWU campus in Marion for a semester. Spend a semester in a cross-cultural learning experience for international college students on the IWU-Marion campus.

International Visiting Scholars Program

Opportunities for international educators to engage in professional development and interaction with faculty on the IWU-Marion campus.

Strategic Growth Initiatives

  • Lumen Research Institute An international collaborative research community shedding light on significant questions facing our world today
  • Global Classroom Initiative: Harnessing the power of technology to connect students/faculty in American high school classrooms with educational partners in classrooms around the world
  • Mars Hill Initiative: Developing partnerships with select international universities for the purpose of being salt and light to their students, faculty and staff by way of exchange programs, dual degree programs and visiting scholar programs
  • Missionary in Residence Program: A cooperative effort with Global Partners of The Wesleyan Church to mobilize students for global ministry

Additional Student Opportunities

  • Travel ClassesTake your education on the road during May Term and Summer Term. These classes are taught by IWU faculty in an international location. The classes and locations vary from year to year.
  • Intercultural Field Trips These are travel courses taught by IWU faculty and embedded within Spring Break during the spring semester.
  • Summer/Semester Abroad Programs:   Immerse yourself in a different culture for a semester. You will experience a series of credit-bearing courses that are taken in an international location under the guidance of IWU faculty and/or affiliate program providers.
  • International Internships, Student Teaching and Practicum Experiences:  Get real-world experience around the world. Fulfilled during any semester, these independent experiences fulfill program requirements in an international location.
  • Service-Learning Teams:  Use your gifts to serve those in need. These are incredible opportunities to serve and learn with a team led by IWU faculty/staff in an international location.(not credit-bearing)
  • Faculty Vision Trips:  Funding provided to faculty applicants for international program exploration and development

Application Process for Opportunities

Application deadlines vary by opportunity, but are generally at least a semester in advance and, in the case of summer/semester programs, a year in advance.

  1. Complete Application*
  2. Interview with Program Leader**
  3. Have a valid passport
  4. Supply copy of passport for University records
*Education Abroad program applications are available in the Academic Affairs Office (AAO), and on the IWU International Education Programs portal. Affiliate program applicants will also need to apply to the affiliate program. 
**Affiliate program applicants will meet with the Director of International Education Programs
  • All applications are subject to an internal review.
  • Student must be in good conducstanding.
  • Student must have minimum 2.6 cumulative GPA (some program requirements are higher).
  • Students must be in good standing with the Spiritual Formation Office.
  • Students must be in good standing with the Students Accounts Office.
  • Students are expected to apply for and pay for their own passport.
The IWU Financial Aid Office will administer 100% of a student's eligibility for federal and state grants, such as Pell Grants and Freedom of Choice Awards, as well as all student loans and outside scholarships.
In addition, students can apply for IWU institutional financial aid specifically designed for global studies programs such as the World Changers Scholarship and the Global Studies Grant. These applications are reviewed by a selection committee charged with determining appropriate awards based upon student financial need and academic merit. Additionally, there are other sources of financial aid for global study opportunities, including the Gilman Scholarship, the Boren Award and the Fulbright Scholarship.
All programs are monitored carefully and vetted for safe travel by IWU's Office of Risk Management and Compliance.
If a travel location is under a Travel Warning or Health Notice from the U.S. Department of State, travel to that country may be prohibited. International insurance costs are a required part of the program fees and/or costs associated with all lWU Education Abroad programs.