2020_Wrights_013.jpgThank you for taking the time to learn about Indiana Wesleyan University.

I became a part of IWU as a freshman in 1974 and shortly thereafter met my lovely wife, Helen. As a student, an alumnus, an employee and now as president, I have always been proud to be a part of this Christ-centered academic community.

Indiana Wesleyan University has thrived since its founding in 1920.  As my mind goes back over these 100 years, I am drawn to the treasures that come with time – 90,000 alumni who are changing the world, brilliant faculty and staff who have shaped countless lives, a beautiful campus with outstanding facilities, a reputation for Christ-centered academic excellence.

But perhaps the most rewarding treasure that comes with time is the assurance of a great calling.  If there was ever a time when the world needs the bold, unerring witness of a community of scholars utterly convinced of the Lordship of Christ over all truth, undaunted by the clamor of skeptics, undeterred by the challenges of a needy world, this is that time.

Our optimism for the future lies in the Lord who holds us as we pursue His calling to change the world by developing students in character, scholarship and leadership. 

Indiana Wesleyan University has been strong for a century.  By God’s grace we will be strong for tomorrow.

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During your visit, I hope you will enjoy becoming acquainted with our vibrant community that enables dreams, throws light, grows hope and teaches truth all across our globe.

Dr. David Wright
Indiana Wesleyan University