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The School of Life Calling and Integrative Learning provides students with learning experiences and services that foster faith, integrative learning, virtue, and the discernment of life calling. The Center for Life Calling and Leadership serves as the epicenter for students discovering God's calling on their lives. Life coaching, resume building, pre-declared student advising and transfer advising are just a couple of the provided services.

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Grounded in a faith-based biblical learning environment, the program challenges students to engage in critical consciousness of broad intellectual, social and cultural issues in addition to traditionally recognized principles of art instruction.

Division of Art

Behavioral Sciences

In every major, hands-on experience is a critical component. Our faculty members believe that one of the best ways to learn about a profession is to do it. They make sure there is always a close connection between what is happening in the classroom and what their students will be expected to do in their respective fields.

Division of Behavioral Sciences


Our students receive an excellent education in a Christian environment that encourages the integration of faith and leadership in business. The programs the DeVoe Division of Business delivers are infused with the application of ethics and values and are distinguished by an emphasis on applied learning.

Division of Business

Communication & Theatre

IWU Communication and Theatre students learn the theories and principles of the field in the classroom and then immediately apply them through public service, media outlets, theatrical venues and academic research.

Division of Communication & Theatre

Health & Human Performance

If you desire to experience a supportive Christian academic community that includes both seasoned and young, upcoming professors, then Indiana Wesleyan University is the place for you. We invite you to experience IWU and become engaged in spiritual growth, leadership development, character shaping and scholarly endeavors.

Division of Health & Human Performance

Life Calling & Integrative Learning

The School of Life Calling and Integrative Learning provides undergraduates with learning experiences and services that foster faith, integrative learning, virtue, and the discernment of life calling.

School of Life Calling & Integrative Learning

Mathematics & Computer Information Sciences

Mathematics and Computer Information Sciences, work closely together, and some students choose to get degrees in both areas. Our curricula are frequently updated and benchmarked with recommendations from alumni, professional organizations, and current students. Classes in our division are small, and you will graduate with many close friends, both students and faculty.

Division of Math & Computer Information Sciences

Modern Language & Literature

Each of our majors promotes the love of language arts and the deliberate study, constructive use and creative exploration of powerful language.

Division of Modern Language & Literature


The Indiana Wesleyan University Division of Music seeks to develop students in an awareness of accountability to God and the importance of a personal commitment to Christ. We believe it is vital to recognize that all gifts and talents are given by God, to be cultivated to their highest potential for his glory and service.

Division of Music

Natural Sciences

Our division provides hands-on training using the latest technology found in chemical and molecular biology laboratories. This training occurs both in the context of laboratory coursework and in faculty-led undergraduate research.

Division of Natural Sciences


Whether you're an incoming freshman, a practicing professional or someone answering a new career calling, IWU's School of Nursing offers programs that prepare every student for service in venues ranging from hospitals to the mission field.

School of Nursing

Social Sciences

"Becoming a world changer" involves learning about God's world. Our faculty members are ready to prepare the next generation of leaders for public service and professional development. Division programs are maintained on the basis of cutting-edge scholarship and emerging employment markets.

Division of Social Sciences

Teacher Education

The School of Teacher Education combines rigorous classroom instruction, extensive practice teaching placements in P-12 schools and a comprehensive assessment system designed to ensure that students develop the competencies essential for successful teaching. The result of this preparation is that our graduates transition into their professional careers confident in the knowledge that they are prepared to make a difference in the lives of their students, their colleagues and their schools.

School of Teacher Education

Theology & Ministry

You will love IWU's vibrant spiritual life and state-of-the-art facilities. Academically, your classroom experience will be enriched by the many on- and off-campus activities offered by the School of Theology and Ministry.

School of Theology and Ministry