PreMed is a huge word. It encompasses all of the pre-professional programs at IWU: Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Physician Assistant and Pre-Veterinary. This program covers so much because each of these professions requires a broad background in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

The PreMed program in Indiana Wesleyan University is not a major; rather, it is a program label that allows the faculty to carefully track your progress through your Bachelor's degree in preparation for one of the aforementioned professions in health care. Each of these professions requires significant education beyond your undergraduate years. IWU has a great record of placing our senior students in graduate programs around the country. To accomplish this, we carefully advise and mentor you as you progress through the courses that make up the PreMed program.

PreMed is rigorous. Indiana Wesleyan University alumni who pursue a Master's or graduate program report to us that they are among the best-prepared in their programs. Many graduate in the top 10% of their class and are selected for prestigious residency programs.

If you feel called to one of the health professions and are serious about learning, then PreMed might be for you. If you are searching premed schools in Indiana for a Christian university, you should contact us at 866-GO-TO-IWU for more information.


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