Sensing a Call to Ministry Can Be Hard

It can be tough sensing a call to full-time ministry as a high schooler. You may have felt moments of loneliness, uncertainty of what a ministry career can look like, or even how to develop your call to ministry now, right where you are. The Called Collective is a community for high schoolers to discover, explore, and develop their call to ministry. Through special programs, coaching, and resourcing, we want to help you develop your interest in ministry with peers who are working through the same calling.

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Called Collective Programs


Called Coaching appointments with an STM faculty member help you develop your call to ministry and discern next steps.


Fusion+ is a special event for students called to ministry at IWU’s annual Fusion Youth Conference, including seminars, games, and free admission to Fusion..


Examen is a free 2-week summer camp at IWU for students to explore their call to ministry, get FREE college credit, and make deep friendships with called peers.

Majoring in Ministry


The School of Theology & Ministry

Click here to learn more about the School of Theology & Ministry programs to major in ministry at Indiana Wesleyan University


The Kern Mentoring Program

Click here to learn about the Kern Mentoring Program, which seeks to develop more hirable pastors who are deeply formed, better trained, with less debt.


Youth Ministry Events

Click here to learn about Indiana Wesleyan University’s youth ministry events, including Fusion, Never2Young, and Summer Ministry Teams.