Q: What majors/degrees are offered by IWU's Music Program?

Q: Does the university offer a music minor?

A: A music minor may be taken as an adjunct to another major; a Music Minor is available as well as a minor in the area of Church Music.

Q: What are the admission requirements for the Music Program?

A: There are specific requirements which must be met in order to register as a music major. These include an audition before the music faculty and three letters of recommendation.

Q: What scholarships and grants are available in the area of music?

A: Scholarships are offered only for music majors, however, there are several service grants which may be given to members of ensembles.

Q: What ensembles exist for students?

A: Major ensembles include University Chorale, University Wind Ensemble, University Orchestra, and University Singers "One Voice". Several chamber ensembles are also available, including Brass Choir, Woodwind Choir, String Quartets, Flute Choir, Piano Ensemble, Women's Chorus, Jazz Combo, Jazz Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble and World Drumming Ensemble. Other similar groups may be organized based on interest among students.

Q: How can I learn about Ministry/ Christian Service Teams which are sent out by the university?

A: Christian Service Teams are formed and scheduled through the Office of Church Relations. Auditions are usually scheduled at the beginning of the fall semester each year.

Q: What facilities house the Division of Music?

A: All music programs are located in the Philippe Performing Arts Center. This facility offers up-to-date classrooms, practice rooms, rehearsal space, recital halls, and teaching studios.

Q: I would like to know about the faculty members who teach in the Music Division programs. What can you tell me?

A: The Music Division currently has 15 full-time faculty and numerous part-time faculty members. To learn about individuals, please visit our faculty section.

Q: What study abroad opportunities are available?

A: The Music Division strongly encourages student to become involved in study abroad opportunities. To learn more about the opportunities, please visit our Study Abroad section.