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Using a three-year map, IWU weaves these seven priorities into our Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10 a.m. spiritual formation hour. This intentional rhythm of worship means that each moment connects to our spiritual journey and stretches out into semesters and years in formative ways.


With a balanced approach to New & Old Testament and making connections to the grand narrative of Scripture, we set aside Mondays to walk through Biblical texts as a community.


We are learning the truth about God and the Christian faith by exploring the Apostle's Creed, the Lord's Prayer and the 10 Commandments. We are laying a firm foundation for our faith based on Scripture.


IWU is an academic community with longstanding traditions like convocation and with culture-shaping events like Society of World Changers. We celebrate these services together.


Every Friday we recapture the age-old practice of Christian witness when we share authentic stories about God's work in our lives using the framework of 'guilt, grace, gratitude' which connects our personal stories to the story of Scripture.


With Scripture as our starting point, we engage in important conversations because we believe that social and cultural engagement from a Biblically focused worldview enhances our compassion, reveals the Spirit in our midst and leads us into truth.


IWU is a school with close ties to the Wesleyan Church. We understand our Wesleyan distinctives as gifts we can bring to the body of Christ. We explore our Wesleyan view of grace, community, and holiness with a posture of openness and generosity.


Every semester at IWU, we focus on a practice rooted in Scripture that fosters spiritual growth. We put into action practices like prayer, Sabbath, and fasting. We are learning the ways that healthy spiritual patterns, individually and in community, form us into disciples who are part of a disciple-making culture.

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