Spiritual Life

At the core of the IWU experience is the spiritual encouragement you will receive as you participate with our campus community in pursuit of a relationship with our Creator. From great speakers and worship in chapel, to great conversations in the dorms, to faculty who will take the time to talk to you about your journey, there is a strong belief in God's desire to speak to every one of our students.

Along with a great support system, there are challenges to be had as well. You will have real chances here to do more than just talk about your faith; you will be able to live it. We encourage all of our students to become involved with the many opportunities to serve on campus, off campus, and internationally.

Our mission of encouraging students to be "world changers" is not just a cliché; it's really happening. Why don't you join us on the journey?

Outside of the Chapel Building


Chapel is the central point of community for Indiana Wesleyan University where the most students and faculty gather with the greatest frequency. It is the space where we deliberately celebrate the God who draws us together in order to better shape us into Christ-likeness.

Our purpose is to meet people wherever they are in their spiritual journey and lead them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ in order to change the world.

Check out the upcoming chapel schedule or listen to chapel archives online.

Dean of the Chapel

The Office of the Dean of the Chapel at Indiana Wesleyan University is committed to the transformation of people into the image of Christ for the sake of others, to the glory of God. We believe that transformation into the image of Christ involves a fourfold interaction between worship, education, fellowship and service. The Office of the Dean of the Chapel provides opportunities to grow in each of these areas through a variety of ministries and experiences both on and off campus.

Student leadership opportunities in the areas of ministry and worship music are available through the office. Student Body Chaplains and Residence Hall Chaplains plan and implement student prayer initiatives, small group Bible studies, and various residence hall and/or all-campus spiritual formation events throughout the academic year.  Chapel Worship Leaders work with a team of student musicians to engage the campus community in the spiritual act of worship through regularly scheduled chapel services each semester.

Professor laying hand on a student and praying for him
Professor and student sitting at a table having conversation

Spiritual Formation

Helping students grow in their faith is an integral part of the IWU experience. A wide array of options are available to facilitate the students’ spiritual growth, including bible studies and/or small groups, worship nights, mentorship opportunities and other student-led initiatives. Students gather regularly to encourage and support one another in all aspects of college life which provides unique opportunities for accountability and creates relationships that remain long after the college experience.