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South Hall West (SHW) is the "older brother" hall that shares a building with the all-freshmen wing of South Hall Complex (SHC). It consists of mostly sophomores and juniors as well as a few seniors. SHW is a mentoring hall which means that about 60 men give of their time, invest in their mentees' lives, and build supportive relationships with two first-year students on the Eastside of the building.

SHW shares the ancient Greek theme with the Eastside and the logo for the building represents the older, wiser mentor helping the younger, untamed mentee to mature and grow. Not every resident is a mentor, but principles such as chivalry, character, integrity and service are applicable to every resident and there is an emphasis on being a solid example to others.

Nate Milner | Residence Director

"My desire is to see my residents make the transition from sitting on the sidelines to getting involved as leaders that set the bar for the men on campus in terms of enthusiasm, engagement with campus life, integrity, character, and service to the community."

The 2010-2011 school year was my first at IWU. I came here after being an RD for three years at Greenville College in Illinois. After I graduated college, I had my fair share of jobs as I navigated the post-college life. Through all of those experiences I learned a lot and realized that my passion was really to help college students grow during their college journey. I had been impacted greatly by my RD in college and I wanted to be able to give back and impact young men for Christ.

  • Hometown: Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia
  • Colleges Attended: Greenville College, Azusa Pacific University
  • Degree: B.A. in Business Administration and Communication, M.Ed. College Student Affairs
  • Best ResLife memory: Chocolate Chip Cookies and Survivor with my RD
  • Best thing about my job: It keeps me young!
  • Best thing about IWU: There is a really genuine spiritual climate on campus.


  •  Furnished
  •  Study Room
  •  High-Speed Internet
  •  Cable TV (Optional)
  •  Heat/AC
  •  Chapel
  •  Exercise Room
  •  Computer Room
  •  TV Lounge
  •  ADA Compliant
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An Inside Look

Building History

South Hall Complex (SHC) was completed in the summer of 2010. While one building, there are actually two halls in SHC -Eastside for 120 freshman men and Westside for 180 upperclassman men. The hall was built in order to purposefully foster mentoring relationships between first-time and returning students. SHC is part of the East Village and mirrors its sister hall, Beckett Hall Complex.


Street Address
South Hall West
415 E. 43rd St.
Marion, IN 46953

Mailing Address
Indiana Wesleyan University
4201 S. Washington St.
Marion, IN 46953

Last updated: 07/25/2017