The Lodges


Our 3 Lodges first opened in August 2005. Each 2-story Lodge is comprised of multiple 4 or 6 person apartments around a central, spacious lobby area.  Every 4 or 6 person apartment has a common living room, kitchen, and bathroom(s) that are shared by those residents. The North and South Lodges together are home to 154 upper-division women, while the East Lodge houses 80 upper-division men. The Lodges are a great place for our upper-division students to gain some independence while still being able to live in community, and build and deepen relationships with others in a similar stage of life.


  •  Furnished
  •  Study Room
  •  Free Laundry
  •  High-Speed Internet
  •  Cable TV (Optional)
  •  Heat/AC
  •  Kitchen
  •  Chapel
  •  Exercise Room
  •  Computer Room
  •  TV Lounge
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Residence Director

Annastasia Bonczyk

Vision for the Lodges:

“I hope students living in the Lodges find meaningful community with the students they have chosen to live with in their Lodge, make new connections with the students they share space with in all East, North, and South, and find their faith continuing to expand and grow as they prepare for wherever the Lord is leading them after Indiana Wesleyan.”

Favorite IWU Tradition:

“Taste of Marion is one of my favorite IWU traditions. The first Friday of the semester we invite restaurants, churches, and all manner of local businesses to campus for an indoor street fair. It's a great opportunity to find a church, get to know the city we live in, and get a boatload of free stuff. It's fun and loud and a great way to end the first week.”


  • Hometown: Grant, MI
  • Undergraduate School: Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Graduate University: Western Theological Seminary
  • Strengths: Developer, Connectedness, Arranger, Strategic, Individualization
  • Hobbies/Interests: “Baking is one of my favorite things, I'm a popular culture fanatic, I love hanging with my people, and love a good afternoon exploring new places.”