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Kem Hall & Scripture Hall

Favored for its prime campus location and spacious suites, Kem Hall hosts up to 191 sophomore through senior men. Designated as a "transitional area," Kem Hall's nontraditional layout, intentional programming, and Themed Housing Initiative offer its residents a unique experience as they transition from freshman halls into upper-class apartments.

Through its Themed Housing Initiative, residents of Kem Hall engage common conversations, experiences, and programs as specified by each unit's theme. Themes for 2016-17 were "Discipleship: Faith and Life," "Creative Expression," "Global Citizenship," and "Healthy Living."

Chris Arney | Residence Director



  •  Furnished
  •  Study Room
  •  High-Speed Internet
  •  Cable TV (Optional)
  •  Heat/AC
  •  Chapel
  •  Exercise Room
  •  Computer Room
  •  TV Lounge
  •  Elevator
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An Inside Look

Building History

Kem Hall is named after Philip and Evelyn Kem and opened in the fall of 2001, along with its sister hall Scripture Hall. It houses mostly upperclassmen. This innovative four-story structure was designed to foster community among students, boasting clusters of rooms and shared living areas.


Street Address
Kem Hall
4243 S. Wigger St.
Marion, IN 46953

Mailing Address
Indiana Wesleyan University
4201 S. Washington St.
Marion, IN 46953

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