A 7-10 day course is offered each May Term at the All Tribes Christian Camp on St. Joseph Island, Ontario, Canada. The University has a long-standing relationship with the camp.

The course is referred to as the WISE OWL, which stands for Wesleyan ISland Experience in Outdoor Wilderness Learning.

The three main components of the course are the pursuit of wisdom (study of Proverbs), leadership practice (group dynamics) and outdoor living skills demonstration. There is also a daily session on the appreciation and work necessary to open, maintain and develop a camp.

Prior to the course a planning session is held with the professor. The course is a requirement in the Recreation Management major and may be used as an elective in other majors. There are follow-up times between the professor and student upon return to campus. A daily diary, course shirt and photograph CD are part of the class.

You will experience God's creation and handiwork throughout as the class is considered a 24-hour, around-the-clock experience utilizing the 100-acre campus.

On your return trip home each participant will share reflections of the group living experience and lessons learned. You also have the opportunity to reflect upon God's creation and handiwork and his impact on your life.

Last updated: 06/13/2016