At IWU, we are committed to creating and cultivating a diverse community in an atmosphere of mutual respect. To create an environment that truly reflects the diversity of God’s Kingdom, the Office of Intercultural Learning and Engagement seeks to foster an intercultural, culturally responsive campus community, which acknowledges visible and invisible differences and embraces each member’s earthly and eternal worth. 

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The Office of Intercultural Learning and Engagement is comprised of three departments, each focusing on a different aspect of the IWU community.  

The Department of Intercultural Learning and Development encompasses learning experiences that enrich the cultural responsiveness among IWU faculty, staff and students. This development creates a culture of flourishing and inclusion for our Marion campus and with our Marion community and the world.

Our initiatives include:

  • Intercultural Advisory Council
  • Campus Equity Response Team
  • Intercultural Effectiveness Scale
  • Intercultural Experience Courses/General Education
  • Faculty, Staff and Student CR Equipping
  • Curricular Development and Collaboration
  • Co-curricular Development and Collaboration


The Department of Intercultural Student Engagement seeks to create a sense of belonging and meet the needs of IWU’s diverse student population through unique initiatives and programming.

Our initiatives include:

  • Love Revolution Week
  • Day of Common Learning: Courageous Conversations
  • Passport to Culture
  • Monthly Intercultural Dinners
  • Heritage Month Highlights
  • Transition to American College Living Program (For TCKs, Missionary Kids, and International students)
  • And other community building learning opportunities and intercultural student support programming

The Department of Multicultural Access Programs creates initiatives to increase access and positively impact the success of incoming and current underrepresented groups (students of color, first-generation college students and low-income students) at IWU.

Our initiatives include:


Indiana Wesleyan University Diversity Statement

IWU, in covenant with God’s reconciling work and in accordance with the biblical principles of our historic Wesleyan tradition, commits to build a community that reflects kingdom diversity. We will foster an intentional environment for living, teaching and learning, which exhibits honor, respect, and dignity.  Acknowledging visible or invisible differences, our community authentically values each member’s earthly and eternal worth. We refute ignorance and isolation and embrace deliberate and courageous engagement that exhibits Christ’s commandment to love all humankind.