We provide convenient, low cost services with an experienced, professional, and caring staff. All of your care at the Health Center is confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mission Statement

The IWU Health Center is committed to the promotion of physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness of the IWU community; through offering high quality, affordable health care and treatment of acute and minor illness and injuries, and promoting wellness through health education and preventative care.

Student Services

  • Treatment of acute and minor illness/injury
  • Monitoring of ongoing health concerns such as blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Immunizations
  • Physical exams including school physicals, travel exams, employment physical, pre-nursing physical, women’s health (and PAP test), Wellness exam
  • Laboratory test diagnostic blood work when ordered by a Health Center provider or outside practitioner. Mono, influenza, strep, blood sugar and urinalysis are provided onsite.
  • Travel Care and immunizations
  • Tuberculosis Testing including PPD skin test and Quantiferon Gold blood test
  • Medical supplies including crutches, Ace bandages, hot/cold packs, breathing treatment machines and health education materials
  • Allergy desensitizing injections are given by appointments only. The patient is responsible for providing written orders, instructions and serum from their allergist.


The staff of the Health Center is committed to serving the Indiana Wesleyan University community with care and compassion. We have a well-trained staff that can assist you in meeting a wide range of health concerns. Do not hesitate to call us with any questions.

Allergy Injection

If you are an IWU student desiring to receive allergy injections at the Health Center, please download our Allergy Injection Info document.

New Student Information

All new students are required to have the following information turned in prior to the beginning of their first semester:

  • A Completed  Health Form
  • Record of two MMR vaccines
  • Record of a current (within 10 years) Tetanus vaccine
  • Record of Meningitis Vaccine (after age 16 before age 23)
  • Completed TB screen and TB test if required
The following vaccines are optional but encouraged:
  • Meningitis B
  • Hepatitis A
  • Varicella

Student health insurance is not mandatory; however, it is strongly encouraged for each student to be covered by a health insurance policy.

Students are encouraged to carry a copy of their current health, dental, and prescription insurance cards.

Varsity Athletes

You must submit a Health Form to the IWU Health Center. This is a separate form than the Athletic Physical.
Health Form

Nursing Students

You must submit a Health Form to the IWU Health Center. This is a separate form than the Nursing Physical.
Health Form


Nursing Students

The Health Center offers services required by the IWU nursing program. Your insurance company may pay for your physical exam and vaccinations. Check with your carrier to see if you have benefits for preventative services and adult vaccinations and if you are covered to be seen at the Indiana Wesleyan University Health Center. Please call our office to schedule an appointment.

Check with the nursing division for requirements and deadlines.

Payment for the following is due in full at time of service.

Expenses can be charged to your student account.

Physical Exam
Hepatitis Vaccine
Influenza (Flu) Vaccine
MMR Vaccine
Varicella Vaccine
Tdap Vaccine
*TB skin test
Hepatitis B titer
Rubella titer
Varicella titer
**Urine drug screen

*no appointment necessary; not administered on Thursdays
**bring a photo ID


The Health Center offers a travel clinic including vaccination requirements, health issues, and basic self-care while traveling. The clinic is available to students, staff and eligible family members by appointment. Most vaccines and medications necessary for travel are available at the clinic.


It is important that your initial appointment is scheduled at least 8-10 weeks before travel, some required vaccinations occur in a series and there may be time requirements for many of the necessary medications and vaccinations to be fully effective.

Please call the office at 765-677-2206 to schedule an appointment for a travel exam.

During your exam, the provider will discuss when you will be going, what cities you will be visiting and for how long. The provider will go over your current health and medical history, decide on specific vaccines and medicines to protect you during your trip, and discuss how you can stay healthy as you travel. Please make sure the Health Center has a copy of your most current vaccination record.

Plan to arrive ten minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time or complete the following form and bring with you:
Travel Questionnaire

A TB skin test recommended by the CDC prior to travel and 8-10 weeks upon return. TB testing is available at the Health Center.

Some vaccinations may be covered by your insurance. Check with your company to see if you have benefits for adult vaccinations. Insurance companies we can file vaccines to include Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Sagamore and Encore. If you have a plan not listed or no insurance, you are required to pay for all immunizations at the time of administration. Typhoid and Yellow Fever vaccines, and the travel exam must be paid for at time of service regardless of coverage. Payment with cash, check, credit or debit card is expected at time of visit. Expenses can be charged to your student account.
CDC Travel Page

Costs & Insurance


Many services and some over-the-counter medications are free and there is no charge to see an RN. However, appointments with the Nurse Practitioner will incur a charge. Some other services in which charges are incurred include, but are not limited to: lab work, allergy injections, rapid strep and mono tests, urine tests, immunizations, breathing treatments, TB tests, travel exams and physicals.


IWU Health Center will bill to most health insurance companies. We encourage you to contact your health insurance company and find out what benefits your plan offers away from home. Students should be knowledgeable of how to use their health insurance including co-pays, network requirements, and what is covered while at college. All students are encouraged to carry a copy of their health, dental and prescription drug cards.

For the Health Center to file medical claims we require a copy of the front and back of the insurance card and the date of birth of the insured. Copays are due at time of service. All remaining co-insurance, deductibles and non-covered charges will be mailed to the patients at their home address. We are always willing to assist you with any insurance questions you may have.

Student Health Insurance

Student health insurance is not mandatory; however, it is strongly encouraged for each student to be covered by a health insurance policy.

For information concerning the Affordable Health Care Act click on the link below.

Health Insurance Options

Contact Information

Indiana Wesleyan University Health Center
Barnes Student Center
4201 South Washington Street
Suite 210​
Marion, IN 46953
Phone: 765-677-2206
Fax: 765-677-2849

Health Center Hours


Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m
1:00 p.m - 4:00 p.m.

May Term:

Monday - Friday
11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Closed from 5/25/18 - 8/27/18

After Hours Care

MedExpress Urgent Care Clinic

Hours: 9AM-9PM Daily
1130 North Baldwin Ave.
Marion, IN 46952
Phone: (765)662-1188

Marion General Hospital

441 North Wabash Ave.
Marion, IN 46952
Phone: (765) 662-2694

Campus Police

Phone: (765) 677-4911