Recognizing Your Achievements

Indiana Wesleyan University uses Merit, an online service for publicizing student achievements, to celebrate the great things our students do – like make the dean’s list, travel abroad, hold a leadership position and more! Merit turns those achievements into a verified online profile– a Merit page – that students can use for jobs, internships and references after graduation.

A: Merit is a great way for you to get recognized on campus, in your hometown and in the world for your accomplishments during your time at Indiana Wesleyan University. Through a series of earned badges you can showcase all your hard work in one place. Did you make the dean’s list? We have a badge for that. Are you studying abroad? You can find that here too. The Merit program is a way to celebrate your unique accomplishments and abilities (and help you land killer internships and jobs).
A: Merit badges recognize some of the great work you’re doing. IWU prepares a brief article about your achievement or recognition and awards you one of the following badges: Academic Award, Achievement, Athletics, Graduation, Honors List, Leadership, Sports or Study Abroad.

Once you’ve received a badge, it will automatically be posted to your profile and you'll receive an email so you can share it with your friends, family and the world! Get noticed for your achievements when your college passes along your story to your hometown newspaper. During your journey at Indiana Wesleyan University, you’ll do great things. Let’s show them off!

A: Your Merit page is created and updated automatically – you don’t have to maintain it; Indiana Wesleyan University does it for you!
You can, however, enhance and add to your page if you desire. Merit allows students to customize their Merit page URL, add a profile photo, bio, and other activities and work experience. You can even include photos and videos to the activities you add to further demonstrate your involvement.

A: Your page has been created by Indiana Wesleyan University and is waiting for your customization. Sign in with the link you received in the welcome email. Can’t find the email? Try these steps:

1. Go to, search for your name and click the link to your page.

2. Click “Is this you?” under the profile picture and enter your Indiana Wesleyan University email.

3. Check your inbox and click the sign in link.

4. Follow the prompts to customize your page and link it to social media.

If you wish to opt out, reply to the welcome email you received or email and ask to opt out.