Wesleyan District Student Leaders Scholarship Program


Eligible applicants for the WDSL are students who, in addition to being Wesleyan, are one or more of the following: a firstgeneration college student, student of color and/or a low-income college student who has been admitted to the residential, undergraduate campus of Indiana Wesleyan University during that applicable fall semester.


  • Type: Scholarship
  • Annual Amount:  $3000
  • Application:  Yes
  • Majors:  All
  • Grade Level:  Undergraduate
  • Renewable:  Yes

More Details

Selection Process: Selection Process: The selection process will involve an application and essay. Documents will be forwarded to the District Superintendents upon completion. Once candidates are chosen, they will be invited to participate in the pre-college initiatives (to occur three months before the semester starts).

District deadline – February 15



In keeping with its mission, Indiana Wesleyan University seeks to increase the access and success of first-generation, students of color, and low-income college students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement and leadership in high school and their communities.

The Wesleyan District Student Leaders Scholarship Program (WDSL) is designed to allow each Wesleyan District to select an admitted student to Indiana Wesleyan University from their District to receive a one-time $3,000 scholarship. Participating Districts are: Indiana Central, Indiana North, Indiana South, Illinois, East Michigan, North Michigan, West Michigan, Greater Ohio, Wisconsin.

WDSL invites Wesleyan District Superintendents to identify students who have demonstrated leadership skills and assist with their access to a college education at IWU.

The overarching mission of Wesleyan District Student Leaders is to equip emerging scholar/leaders to be agents of change in their local community, The Wesleyan Church and the world through concentrated and strategic culturally responsive co-curricular engagement and support.

Applicants will also be eligible for consideration for the Emerging Leaders Consortium(ELC). The ELC is a leadership development-based cohort experience for high caliber/high performing first generation students, low-income, and racial/ethnic minority students.

Wesleyan District Student Leaders Experience


Mentoring is a high-impact activity that increases pathways of success for at-risk groups. A unique quality of this program will be connecting each student to a Wesleyan faculty/staff mentor. As students progress through the WDSL they will also serve as peer mentors for underclassmen. This model of mentoring, especially the peer component, is formative because it places the students at the center of the learning experience. In this model of learning, peer mentors benefit just as much as those they are serving.


A first-generation college student is defined as a child of parent(s) who never graduated from a four-year postsecondary institution.

A Student of color is a student who shares an ethnic heritage with one or more of the predominant domestic ethnic groups: Asian/ Pacific Islander, Hispanic/ Latino, African, and/or American Indian/ Alaskan Native.

Low-income is defined as being Pell Grant eligible.

Scholarships and Grants are for IWU-Marion students meeting eligibility requirements.