John Wesley Scholarship


  • Type: Scholarship
  • Annual Amount:  Variable
  • Application:  Yes
  • Application Process:  Submit completed Application Form, which includes a pastoral recommendation.
  • Majors:  All
  • Grade Level:  First-Time Freshman
  • Renewable:  Yes

More Details

Eligibility Requirements: Student must be a member of or regularly attend a Wesleyan church; be accepted for admission at IWU with a minimum GPA of 2.8 on a 4.0 scale; be active in church and district events and show a regular positive influence in those ministries; and demonstrate a commitment to Wesleyan higher education.

Renewal Requirements: Renewable; student must remain full-time and maintain a GPA 2.5 or above to be eligible for renewal

EFC Eligibility Range: Open

Enrollment Requirements: Full-time enrollment in fall/spring semester

Scholarships and Grants are for IWU-Marion students meeting eligibility requirements.