Spain Classical Music Program

Trip Details

  • Location:  Segovia, Spain
  • Cost: $3,800 - $4,200
  • Term: Summer 2024
  • Sponsor: Division of Music

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Trip Description

IWU Spain Summer Classical Music Program offers masterclasses, instrumental lessons by outstanding faculty as well as chamber music and orchestra experience. Western music is much influenced by Spanish musical heritage especially in rhythm such as Flamenco, Jota rhythm and Andalusian music. Segovia, Spain is a historical Roman city which offers MUSEG series throughout the summer where world leading musicians provide concerts every night in the magical historic venues. It is an ideal location to immerse and engage in the integrated study of music and culture from ancient times to present. The program provides an opportunity for students to earn up to two credits in chamber music and/or piano ensemble and to fulfil general education intercultural experience requirement.

Location: I. E. University Campus in Segovia, Spain
Program Dates: July 19 to July 29, 2024

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