Trip Details

  • Location:  London, England and Paris, France
  • Cost: $5,350
  • Term: May 2024
  • Sponsor: Division of Behavioral Sciences

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Trip Description

This travel class is designed to provide students with a firsthand journey into the history of psychology, particularly into its philosophical and treatment roots. This course will specifically review Sigmund Freud's contributions and foundational theories. Students will visit key historical places related to the early history of Psychology. Additionally, students will explore mental illness as displayed by Jack the Ripper and Musée d'art et d'histoire de la Psychiatrie in Paris. This former asylum displays machines from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries designed to heal, contain, revive, reanimate; straitjackets, handcuffs, ties, keys, bathtubs, peepholes, armchairs; care tools such as stretchers, chairs, ambulances; brain mapping. The whole trip is designed for the group to consider how intellectual and cultural contexts have shaped interpretations of history. Stops will include Paris and London.

(Participants enrolled after Feb. 10 will have additional fees)

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