Philosophy of C.S. Lewis

Trip Details

  • Location:  England, UK
  • Cost: $4,200 - $4,700
  • Term: May 2025
  • Sponsor: School of Theology & Ministry

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Applications for 2025 will open in Fall 2024, so please contact the above for details.

Trip Description

A study in the philosophy and theology of Christian apologist C.S. Lewis, this course will examine Lewis’s views on topics such as salvation, holiness, the nature of God, sovereignty and free will, and more. Special attention will be devoted to the relationship between Lewis’s theological beliefs and his articulation of the Christian faith. We will also address Lewis’s on-going relevance in light of Postmodernity, the Emergent Church Movement, and other contemporary cultural currents. To emphasize these points, the class will visit London and Oxford, stopping at spots such as Holy Trinity Church (Lewis’ gravesite), Magdalen College, The Kilns, Buckingham Palace, and more. The course syllabus and trip itinerary are available upon request from the trip leaders.

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