To apply for a program, please follow this link:

You may also find the link on the Education Abroad portal page.

  • Once you have reached the web page, login under “Traveler Log-in”
    • Use your IWU email and password. If your password does not work, just reset it using the “forgot my password” link.iwu-education-abroad-traveler-login.png
  • Once you have logged in, go to “Select or Propose a Trip”

  • Scroll down to locate the trip you are applying for (they are organized alphabetically by destination country name) and click “Apply for.” Select the term that is available, i.e. “Spring 2020.”
  • If the program listed is correct, click “Save & Continue”

  • Complete the four short essays
    • Personal Statement: This 150-word essay should highlight your motivation for applying. Please be sure to include goals for yourself (personal, academic, and professional).
    • Experience Essay: Include any past experience you may have with international travel, or other experiences that may qualify you for a Travel Class. Highlight your strengths.
    • Statement of Faith: In this essay, discuss your faith. How has your relationship with God evolved and how has He prepared you for the possibly of going abroad.
    • Student Conduct: Include how you would be able to handle more freedom than you are given at IWU.
  • Read and complete disclosures
    • Read through the discloser that talks about your records that will be given to the GEO.
    • Provide information for an individual to be contacted for FERPA.
  • ACADEMIC TRIPS ONLY: Upload documents
    • World Changers Application Form and Global Studies Application Form
  • Read through the Statement of Intent including Financial Commitment
    • Select “Yes” after you have read it.
  • Fill in your passport information.
    • Note: Your passport must be valid until February 2021 in order to participate in a spring-summer 2020 international trip. If your passport will expire before then, or if you do not yet have a passport, please begin that process as soon as possible. You are responsible to procure an up-to-date passport, but you are welcome to contact for reference and help getting started. While you wait to get a valid passport, you may click directly to the next tab on the application process (see below).
  • Submit two names and numbers for Emergency Contact Information.
  • Carefully read through and complete a self-reporting Medical Evaluation.
    • Please note that Indiana Wesleyan University does not require you to get a medical form signed by a doctor, but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you see your family practitioner or a nurse in the IWU Health Center at least 6 months prior to departure. At this check-in with a medical professional, request that they tell you the medical preparation you need for the country you hope to visit.
  • Read through and acknowledge the Travel Insurance statement.
    • Review and Save.
  • Submit the email addresses of at least 2 faculty/staff or pastor references.
    • The system will automatically email these people with a link to a survey for them to fill out. Please alert your references that this email will be coming and that the evaluation process should only take 5-10 minutes.
Congratulations! Your application has been submitted. Now simply await further information from the Intercultural & Global Office (IGO).