Behavioral Sciences

Welcome to the Indiana Wesleyan University Division of Behavioral Sciences. Our division is the home for degrees in Addictions Counseling, Criminal Justice, Pre-Art Therapy, Psychology and Social Work. A minor or two-year associate degree is also available in Addictions Studies, Psychology and Sociology.

In every major, hands-on experience is a critical component. Our faculty members believe that one of the best ways to learn about a profession is to do it. They oversee and participate in multiple experiences, ranging from weekend trips to research projects to practicums to service-learning projects. They make sure there is always a close connection between what is happening in the classroom and what their students will be expected to do in their respective fields.

Outstanding Faculty

Cindy Faulkner
Cindy Faulkner | Professor of Social Work, MSW Program Director

Cindy Faulkner joined IWU in May 2017, and serves as the MSW Program Director. Dr. Faulkner has over 35 years of Social Work practice and is an LCSW-Supervisor in both Texas and Kentucky. Dr. Faulkner started teaching Social Work in 1990 and has served eight years as Field Education Coordinator and three years as the BSW Program Director before coming to IWU.

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Meeting the professors and seeing their heart about academics and fitting that in with the Christian faith, I realized that this would be the perfect place for me.

Jana | Psychology

Beyond the Classroom

Becoming a part of the Behavioral Sciences program at Indiana Wesleyan University will give you the opportunity to continue learning after graduation. Faculty members encourage you to connect with professional businesses and engage in experiences that lead outside the university.