College searches can get expensive. That's why we offer two great programs to help with travel expenses - Take a Road Trip and Fly IWU.

Take a Road Trip

This program is designed for groups of three or more students with an adult sponsor and can be used with General Visit Days, Spotlight Visit Days or Custom Visits. It offers flexible schedules for church youth groups, high school classes or other organizations. Or simply get together a couple of your friends and plan a road trip. When requirements are met, we will reimburse you for actual gas expenses up to $300 when traveling less than 1,000 miles roundtrip or up to $400 when traveling more than 1,000 miles roundtrip. Arrangements must be made at least two weeks in advance and all program requirements must be satisfied. Find out how easy it is meet the program requirements.


If your visit to IWU encompasses more than 300 miles round trip, you may qualify for our Fly IWU program. Just schedule your campus visit at least two weeks in advance and provide us with your travel itinerary. We'll provide complimentary shuttle service from and to the Indianapolis or Fort Wayne airport, between the hours of 9 AM and 9 PM, for students traveling on their own. Your airfare - up to $300 - will be reimbursed approximately one month into your first semester at IWU.

Last updated: 06/13/2016