IWU professor’s book ranked No. 1 on Amazon’s new releases list

The State of the Evangelical Mind: Reflections on the Past, Prospects for the Future, a book co-edited by IWU University Professor Jerry Pattengale, Ph.D., has risen to the No. 1 spot on Amazon’s list of New Releases in Religious Studies Education.

The State of the Evangelical Mind was published by Intervarsity Press and will officially be released on Dec. 11. With eight contributing writers and three editors, the book frames the resources needed for churches, universities, seminaries, and parachurch organizations to chart their course for the future, both separately and together, and provides readers an opportunity to participate in a timely conversation as they consider what institutional and individual role they might play.

“Perhaps most people internationally think of Amazon not as “a” but “the” corporate giant—the fulcrum of everything commercial,” said Pattengale. “To make any positive top 100 Amazon list is special. To reach No. 1 in new book releases is indeed an honor for all involved. It’s especially gratifying since our university president and provost believed in the underlying project from the start; generating new knowledge is an investment on many fronts.”

Contributors to The State of the Evangelical Mind include:

  • Jerry A. Pattengale (editor), Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Christopher J. Devers (editor), Johns Hopkins University
  • Todd C. Ream (editor), Taylor University
  • Richard J. Mouw
  • Mark A. Noll
  • Jo Anne Lyon
  • David C. Mahan and C. Donald Smedley
  • Timothy Larsen
  • Lauren Winner
  • James K. A. Smith
  • Mark Galli

“Amazon is appropriately named after the longest river in the world,” said Pattengale. “But the key isn’t just that it flows through three South American countries, but that it moves this water powerfully into the Atlantic Ocean. In a sense, Amazon’s #1 listing is a hint of the blue ocean receiving this news.” 

To view the complete list of Amazon rankings, visit www.amazon.com/State-Evangelical-Mind-Reflections-Prospects/dp/0830852166.

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