Students can now file FAFSA using mobile app

Filing the FAFSA just got easier! College-bound students can now complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) via a mobile app called myStudentAid.

Introduced by the U.S. Department of Education in 2018, the app allows students and parents to access and complete the FAFSA safely and securely from their preferred mobile device. It allows users to customize their experience based on their specific role, making it easier for students and parents to understand and complete the form.

Additionally, the app saves users time by using “skip logic,” which removes questions that don’t pertain to specific parents or students who are filling out the form. To save even more time, the FAFSA uses tax information that has already been filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), so all tax-related questions can be easily pulled from other government databases. In addition to filling out the FAFSA, the app also allows students to track student loans.

“We’re excited about this because it’s an all-in-one app that can be accessed annually,” said Emily Mattison, director of financial aid at Indiana Wesleyan University. “It allows the student to complete the FAFSA from anywhere; you aren’t tied to an office setting.”

The FAFSA is a means by which millions of students qualify for grants, scholarships and loans to help pay for college each year. By skipping the FAFSA, students have access to less money that could help them fund their college education. At IWU, 100 percent of students who file the FAFSA receive some form of financial aid.

Students are able to file for aid starting on Oct. 1, but no later than April 15. Initial priority filing deadline is Nov. 30.

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