Top 5 Most Popular Majors at IWU

With over 80 majors from which to choose, Indiana Wesleyan University students are pursuing degrees in a variety of disciplines. Each program is unique; yet, they all seek to develop and challenge students in preparation for a successful lifelong career.

So, what are IWU’s most popular majors? We’re glad you asked! Here are the five programs with the highest number of enrolled students:

#1 Nursing

If you’ve been around IWU at all, finding out that Nursing is the most popular major should not come as a surprise. Ranked as the #1 Nursing School in Indiana, the IWU Division of Pre-licensure Nursing combines coursework and clinical practice into the curriculum. Nursing students even have the opportunity to take trips to places like Belize, China, Haiti, Hawaii and Zambia where they are able to gain valuable career experience.

After completing the degree program, students sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). In fact, IWU nurses have exceeded the NCLEX national pass rate for the past 10 years! 

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#2 Christian Ministries

As the second most popular major, Christian Ministries at IWU prepares students to serve as a pastor or staff minister in a variety of church settings. The program combines classical religion studies, such as theology and church history, with practical ministry courses, such as leadership, counseling, worship and Christian education. Christian Ministries majors are able to gain real-life experience during their time at IWU by working in a local church or para-church organization. 

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#3 Education

The School of Teacher Education comes in as the third most popular major at IWU. The program combines rigorous classroom instruction, extensive practice teaching placements in P-12 schools and a comprehensive assessment system designed to ensure that students develop the competencies essential for successful teaching. 

Unique to IWU’s Teacher Education program is the fact that students are able to begin in-classroom experiences beginning their freshman year. Because IWU believes hands-on learning is key, IWU Education majors are able to participate in four levels of field experience.

  1. Observation/Participation
  2. Tutoring/Mentoring
  3. Junior Content-Specific Practicum
  4. Student Teaching

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#4 Business Administration

Business Administration degrees provide students with a global perspective of business that will empower them to make effective business decisions while considering how change will impact both their customers and their organization. Students in this major also complete at least one internship, giving them first-hand experience in the corporate world and building their professional resume. 

Each faculty member in the DeVoe Division of Business teaches courses in some facet of Business Administration and claims extensive experience working for Fortune 500 companies, businesses listed in the 35 largest US private companies or even companies that they have launched themselves.

As a major that provides a broad-based education in theories, principles and practices of modern business, many students choose to combine it with a second major within the DeVoe Division of Business or another field.

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#5 Psychology

Coming in as the #5 most popular major at IWU is Psychology. A Psychology degree provides students with a better understanding of human thought and behavior by studying psychological theory and research, exploring philosophical issues related to the nature of the person and integrating their findings in light of Christian perspectives. At IWU, faith integration within the field is also emphasized, relating biblical principles to the study of human behavior.

The IWU Psychology Department believes empirical research provides the foundation for psychological knowledge. Therefore, one of the goals of the program is to provide a variety of opportunities for students to participate in research projects throughout the year. By getting involved in research projects, students are able to make connections between theory and research. 

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While these may be IWU’s most popular majors according to student selection, we have many more programs across a variety of divisions that are of equal caliber and boast their own set of distinctives. For a full list of majors, visit Feel free to contact the Admissions Office with any questions or to arrange to sit in on a class in your area of interest!

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