30 Days of Prayer at IWU

During the month of June, Indiana Wesleyan University is leading a 30 Days of Prayer campaign. Each day will be dedicated to a specific topic related to the University, which you can find outlined below.   We encourage you to follow IWU on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @IndWes for daily reminders of what you can be praying for.

Join us in praying for this special community!

June 1


Pray that our students would grow mentally and spiritually as they pursue their education at IWU.

June 2


Pray for our faculty as they prepare for a new academic year. Pray for encouraging and uplifting interactions with their students.

June 3

Administration and Staff

Pray for wisdom and peace among those at IWU who are key stakeholders in the decision-making process.

June 4


Pray that our athletes would glorify Him as they use their physical talents.

June 5


Pray for continued reliance on God as we manage finances across the university.

June 6

President, Dr. David Wright

Pray for continued strength, wisdom and spiritual leadership for Dr. Wright.

June 7


Pray for the freshmen who will be arriving on campus in August. Pray that they would adjust to life at IWU and forge new friendships.

June 8

Difficult Issues

Pray for students who are struggling with loneliness, depression or anxiety.

June 9


Pray that Christ would continue to be exalted in and through IWU’s chapel services.

June 10

Practicums and Internships

Pray for great learning experiences for our students who are participating in practicums and internships this summer.

June 11


Pray that God would guide high school students in their college decisions. Pray that He would lead students to IWU who desire a high-caliber, Christian education.

June 12

Grant County

Pray that God would give IWU students, faculty and staff opportunities to be lights in the Grant County community.

June 13

Christ-Centered Community

Pray that IWU would continue to be a Christ-centered community where the name of Christ is boldly proclaimed.

June 14

Study Abroad

Pray for students who are or will be studying abroad. Pray for safety as they travel as well as growth as they explore a new culture.

June 15

Student Leaders

Pray for the wisdom, discernment and hearts of the student leaders on campus. Pray that they would be equipped by God to do His work.

June 16


Pray for the many strong mentoring relationships that have developed among the IWU community. Pray that they would continue to flourish and promote a life lived for Christ.

June 17


Pray for diligence in students’ studies as well as growth in Christ-likeness through coursework.

June 18

Admissions Team

Pray for our admissions counselors. Pray that God would give them words and wisdom as they communicate with potential students.

June 19

Missions Trips

Pray for students, faculty and staff who will be taking missions trips. Pray that they would be His hands and feet to those across the street or around the world.

June 20

Youth Ministry Events

Pray for the Youth Ministry events that take place throughout the year, such as FUSION and Never2Young. Pray that the high school and middle school students who attend would have life-changing experiences.

June 21

Boldness for Faith

Pray that our students, faculty and staff would boldly share their faith and testimonies with others. Ask God to bestow upon them a spirit of power, love and self-discipline.

June 22

Life Calling

Pray that our students would clearly discern their God-given life calling and wholeheartedly pursue it.

June 23

Time Management

Pray that our students would manage their time well, both in and out of the classroom. Pray that they would be able to sufficiently balance work, classes, social life and spiritual life.

June 24


Pray that opportunities would continue to arise for our community to intentionally serve others well.

June 25


Pray for IWU alumni and that they would continue to be world changers in whatever jobs, community engagements and ministries with which they are involved.

June 26

Campus Police

Pray for those who serve IWU by keeping everyone safe on the IWU-Marion campus.

June 27

Conference Services

Pray for the IWU Conference Services employees as they serve the thousands of campus visitors scheduled to arrive on campus this summer for a variety of camps and conferences.

June 28

Wesley Seminary

Pray for both the faculty and students of Wesley Seminary, and that the Lord would lead them in their ministries.

June 29

IWU-National & Global

Pray for the thousands of students across the world who are enrolled in courses through IWU-National & Global. Pray that the Lord would work in them and through them during their time at IWU and beyond.

June 30

The Future

Pray for the future of IWU. Pray that God would lead the University in decision-making, and that He would always be the center of our focus.

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