Indiana Wesleyan University names new business school dean

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Indiana Wesleyan University has promoted Mark Brooker to take over as dean of the DeVoe School of Business.

Mark Brooker

Brooker will direct and oversee all personnel, academic program offerings, instructional delivery and strategic planning for the school. Brooker served as interim dean while IWU performed an extensive search for a candidate to fill the role before selecting Brooker to serve as dean.

The DeVoe School of Business offers degree-oriented educational opportunities to working adults and other non-traditional college students. The school offers several programs to empower adults to earn associate, bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

“Mark is the exact kind of leader the DeVoe School of Business needs for its future,” said Brock Reiman, Ph.D., the vice president of academic affairs for the College of Adult and Professional studies at IWU-National & Global. “Mark has demonstrated his ability to be collaborative, support faculty needs, think strategically, engage with external partners, and be attentive to the critical issues impacting DeVoe.”

Prior to being named dean of the DeVoe School of Business, Brooker served as assistant dean of faculty at IWU-National & Global from 2015 to 2018. He began his career at Indiana Wesleyan University more than 10 years ago as an adjunct faculty member before becoming a full-time faculty member.

“It’s an honor to be named as dean, and I look forward to continuing on with the great work that we’ve done so far,” said Brooker. “We have several opportunities to look at. We want to focus on student enrollment and develop programs that are market-specific and geared toward students’ needs. We want to continue the great work started with the DeVoe gift that launched the business school and strengthen the bonds with the business community. We also will continue teaching from a Christian perspective and support the idea that you can run a successful business using our virtuous business model.”

Under his leadership, the DeVoe School of Business will continue publishing The DeVoe Report, a semi-annual magazine that features strategies and advice from business leaders.

“The true focus of The DeVoe Report is to feature virtuous business leaders who are successful in incorporating Christian ethics in the marketplace,” said Brooker.

“Brooker’s commitment to Indiana Wesleyan University and its mission for so many years is admirable,” said Reiman. “I’m confident Dr. Brooker will carry out the mission of the DeVoe School of Business and Indiana Wesleyan University to equip our students with the knowledge and resources to change the world.”

Brooker graduated with a Bachelor of Science from The Ohio State University in 1982 and a Master of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University in 1996. In 2007, he earned a Ph.D. from Walden University in Minneapolis, Minn.

Brooker has served in private business as a manager and a corporate officer, as well as public government as an economist.

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