4 Benefits of IWU’s Pre-declared Major

Not Sure What Major to Choose? No Problem!

College students face pressure to select a major and plan out a career. Incoming freshmen, especially, can face discomfort when they do not have all of the answers yet, but this discomfort is unnecessary. In fact, three out of four students change their majors at least once, and 110 freshmen at Indiana Wesleyan University began their college career with the pre-declared major in the fall of 2017. That number is growing every year, but it is not cause for alarm. IWU’s unique School of Life Calling and Integrative Learning exists for the purpose of helping pre-declared students select the right majors.

Here are four reasons why the pre-declared major at IWU is a good choice:

1. Engage with a Support System. Students who come in with the pre-declared major are surrounded by a support system that includes other pre-declared majors. Their FYE (First Year Experience) course is LFC-150, which is a class dedicated to assisting students with identifying their strengths, passions and values as criteria for narrowing down prospective majors and career choices. Freshmen are assigned peer coaches to help guide them through the course during their first semester. The class is offered during the fall and spring semesters and is open to returning sophomores and juniors as well. 

2. Meet with a Life Coach. All students can make appointments with life coaches who are trained to facilitate students’ decision-making processes for selecting majors and making career choices. The pre-declared students are encouraged to take advantage of this resource.

3. Find Your Passion. Pre-declared students are more passionate and excited about the majors they ultimately choose because they are given the time and resources to investigate the right field. Students are allowed to keep the pre-declared major as long as they need to, and they are not rushed into making the decision.

4. Graduate Earlier. Due to the supportive environment that is available, IWU’s pre-declared students are more likely to finish their degrees on time—and even early! This is possible because pre-declared students are assigned to advisors from the School of Life Calling and Integrative Learning. These advisors are trained to assist students in strategically planning their schedules, so they are less likely to waste credit hours and money. Students are also able to wisely explore introductory classes with the help of their advisors.

For more information about life coaching and the pre-declared major, contact Jackie Stancil (jackie.stancil@indwes.edu) or Levi Huffman (levi.huffman@indwes.edu). Or, visit www.indwes.edu/undergraduate/school-of-life-calling-and-integrative-learning/.

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