IWU hosts spotlight visit on Physical & Applied Sciences

Indiana Wesleyan University is hosting a Spotlight Visit Day on Friday, Nov. 10 featuring the divisions within the School of Physical & Applied Sciences: Division of Health & Human Performance, Division of Mathematics & Computer Information Sciences, and Division of Natural Sciences. Students will arrive at 9 a.m. and spend the entire day getting acquainted with the programs, faculty and community on the IWU residential campus in Marion, Indiana.

A Spotlight Visit Day is a special visit option designed for two types of students: 1) those who already know what they want to study and 2) those who may not be fully decided on a major, but are interested in learning more about a particular area of study. The day is tailor-made to give visitors quality time with the faculty and students in their specific area of interest.   

Students attending the Spotlight Visit Day on Friday will take a tour of campus, eat lunch in Baldwin Dinning Hall, sit in on a class and tour the academic building where their major classes will be taught.

The IWU Division of Health & Human Performance offers seven majors and three minors. Students who study within the division are immersed in an environment where they learn to impact all aspects of the whole person—providing opportunities for neuromuscular skill development, organic and physical fitness, intellectual advancement and more. Graduates have found jobs as athletic directors, sports marketers, trainers and athletic trainers. For more information on the Division of Health & Human Performance, visit www.indwes.edu/undergraduate/majors/division-of-health-and-human-performance/.

The IWU Division Mathematics & Computer Information Sciences offers five majors and five minors. Faculty members believe that learning patterns, structure, algorithms and logic is a way of learning one aspect of God’s character. For more information, visit www.iwumcis.com/.

The IWU Division of Natural Sciences offers nine majors, two programs and three minors. Students learn in state-of-the-art facilitates, conduct hands-on research and participate in community STEM events. For more information, visit www.iwuscience.com/.

To register for a visit at IWU, visit indwes.edu/undergraduate/visit-campus/.

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