IWU offers Visit Day with Spotlight on Life Calling

Indiana Wesleyan University will welcome more than 260 visitors for a unique two-track visit day on Friday, Oct. 27. Visitors will have the option to participate in the General Visit Day experience or the Spotlight on Life Calling option.

A General Visit Day is a visit option designed for students who simply want to get a general overview of all things IWU. Students attending this visit day will have the opportunity to tour campus, worship in Chapel, eat in Baldwin Dining Hall, interact with students and faculty, explore all IWU’s majors and more.

For students who aren’t quite sure what they want to study, the Spotlight on Life Calling option allows them to explore the IWU campus while also experiencing IWU’s passion for helping students discover their strengths and life calling. Students are invited to arrive in the evening on Thursday, Oct. 26 and stay overnight on campus. They will have the opportunity to discover their unique strengths and how to apply them in a future career, meet other students and learn about the support IWU offers to students who are unsure of their major.

To learn more about IWU’s School of Life Calling and Integrative Learning, click here.

To register for a visit at IWU, click here.

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