IWU Selects D2L’s Brightspace as Learning Management System

Indiana Wesleyan University will migrate its Learning Management System (LMS) to D2L’s next-generation teaching and learning platform Brightspace.

With D2L, IWU will deploy a more scalable, comprehensive LMS, which is customized to the university’s needs and strategic plan. D2L’s Brightspace will help support more diverse teaching methods, ensure 99.9 percent guaranteed uptime of full functionality and provide simple access for students and faculty. The new LMS is a digital learning platform that will help IWU deliver personalized learning experiences in a classroom or online to people anywhere in the world.  Created for the digital learner, Brightspace is cloud-based, runs on mobile devices, and offers rich multimedia to increase engagement, productivity and knowledge retention.

“We encourage our students and faculty to be leaders of “world change,” focusing on personal character and scholarship,” said Stacy Hammons, university provost and chief academic officer at IWU. “To further this academic mission, we needed to accelerate widespread LMS adoption. D2L provides our community with a scalable and simple platform, which will help us foster collaboration and maintain a high level of caring contact with our students.” IWU will unveil the new Brightspace learning experience to students and faculty this fall.
Indiana Wesleyan University
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