Wildcat Summer Academy offers new summer experience

Indiana Wesleyan University will host the first annual Wildcat Summer Academy on June 25-30. The event is open to students who finished 8th-12th grade in spring of 2017 and is comprised of five camps from which students can choose to attend. Camp options include: Nursing Camp, Theatre Camp, Music Camp, Art Camp and Marimba Seminar.

  • Nursing Camp: Students will hear from special guests, practice nursing skills, and participate in simulations and field trips. They will also have the opportunity to become certified in First Aid and CPR.
  • Theater Camp: Students will experience a week of learning new skills, participate in performances, explore other fine arts and consider what God is prompting them to pursue.
  • Music Camp: This camp features both instrumental and vocal specialties. Students will develop their talents as they work to assemble a recital of both large ensemble and chamber music.
  • Art Camp: Students will have the opportunity to explore several of the fine arts, such as ceramics, painting and photography.
  • Marimba Seminar: Campers will spend the week learning from world-famous marimba player Leigh Stevens. Students will refine current skills and learn new techniques, while also preparing a closing concert for family and friends to enjoy.

All camps will incorporate life-calling principles into the curriculum as instructors seek to not only educate, but also to guide their students in determining their life calling. Students will have breakouts during the day and joint activities in the evening. Concluding the Wildcat Summer Academy will be a dessert reception for families as well as a theatre and music performances.

“I’ve always been a fan of experiential learning and exploration,” said Cindy Ketcham, associate vice president of academic operations. “The Wildcat Summer Academy provides an opportunity to dig a little deeper into a specific field of interest.  It also helps students to consider how God made them and how He might use their passions and interests in the future.”

There is a $25 registration fee and a base camp cost of $350. To register or to view more information, click here.

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