IWU science professor coauthors new textbook

Indiana Wesleyan University’s Dr. Matthew Sattley, professor of Biology, recently co-authored the 15th edition of the leading introductory microbiology text in higher education published by Pearson Education, Inc. The textbook—released on Jan. 12— is titled “Brock Biology of Microorganisms” and joins the accompanying instructor’s manual, for which Sattley is also an author.

The 15th edition of this leading textbook delves into the most current science, and guides undergraduates through topics like microbial ecology and diversity, metabolic diversity, molecular biology and genomics, and immunology and infectious disease. Sattley’s co-authors include Dr. Michael T. Madigan from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Dr. Kelly S. Bender from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Dr. Daniel H. Buckley from Cornell University and Dr. David A. Stahl from University of Washington.

“Being a part of the author team for this book has made me a more well-rounded microbiologist, and in turn, I believe this makes me a better professor,” said Sattley. “I have used this textbook in my own microbiology course for nearly ten years now, and more than ever, I am looking forward to using this new edition in my classroom this fall.”

Sattley received his Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from Blackburn College in 1998. He went on to receive his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Biology and Biochemistry from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. In 2010, Sattley joined the IWU Division of Natural Sciences where he is as professor as well as the director of the Hodson Summer Research Institute— a faculty-led research experience for undergraduate students. Sattley resides in Marion, Indiana, with his wife and two sons.

“Dr. Sattley’s authorship of a premiere undergraduate Microbiology text places him as a leading voice in undergraduate Microbiology education,” said Dr. Matthew Kreitzer, chair of Division of Natural Sciences. “This is a great example of how IWU Sciences is committed to engaging in science beyond the classroom. We believe that we are the most effective mentors and teachers, and create the most transformative learning experience, when we are engaged in the leading edge of science.”

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