IWU announces faculty Soprani Compagni to perform in recital

Indiana Wesleyan University is pleased to present faculty artists Soprani Compagni in recital on Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. at Phillippe Performing Arts Center on IWU’s campus in Marion, Indiana. The event is free of charge and open to the public.

Dr. Lisa Dawson and Dr. Tammie Huntington, sopranos, with pianist Dr. Phoenix Park-Kim, formed the ensemble Soprani Compagni in 2010 for the express purpose of researching, compiling and performing soprano art song duets, oratorio and opera scenes; modeling soprano collaboration; and commissioning new works for soprano duet. Soprani Compagni had their Carnegie Hall debut at Weill Recital Hall in March of 2012. Through a generous grant from the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities in 2015, Soprani Compagni has commissioned twelve new works, themed around “Portraits of Women.” Soprano repertoire often depicts limited portrayals of women, focused around love for her man, external beauty and unfulfilled dreams. “Portraits of Women” is an expansion of soprano duet repertoire emphasizing the contributions of women in our society who have embraced their true worth and calling, and have dared to change their world. This project involves historical characters, including women from the Bible, as well as fictional characters that represent issues common among women throughout the ages.

The upcoming recital will feature several new American art songs, in addition to a 13-minute opera, “Scrapbookers,” by Leanna Kirchoff, which tells the story of two sisters preparing for their parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. The recital will also feature the award-winning, commissioned opera “Beneath Suspicion,” by Jesse Ayers. This 20-minute opera tells the true story of abolitionist Elizabeth Van Lew and her freed slave, Mary Bowser, who worked together as spies for the North during the American Civil War. 

Soprani Compagni recently completed a tour of South Korea, Hong Kong, and mainland China with their “Portraits of Women” project, and are currently touring the United States with their newly released recording and anthology.  They will be presenting and performing at the International Congress of Voice Teachers in Stockholm Sweden during August of 2017. To learn more about Soprani Compagni, click here.


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