IWU hosts former ITT Tech students

With the recent closure of ITT Technical Institute, Indiana Wesleyan University welcomes 21 former ITT Tech nursing students to its campus this week in preparation for beginning their studies at IWU in January. The group arrived on Sunday evening and will be staying in IWU-provided campus housing through Friday. During their stay, the students will be practicing nursing skills previously learned at ITT Tech, registering for IWU classes and familiarizing themselves with campus.

“Each former ITT student had hopes and dreams about being a nurse,” said Dr. Barbara Ihrke, vice president of Academic Affairs, School of Nursing. “IWU is providing these students an opportunity to fulfill these hopes and dreams.”

On Monday morning, the IWU School of Nursing hosted a small reception to welcome the new students. The reception took place in the Ott Hall Atrium where nursing faculty and several administrators introduced themselves. Speakers included Ihrke; Dr. Rob Dawson, associate dean, Pre-licensure Nursing; and Dr. Stacey Hammons, University provost & chief academic officer.

Following the welcome reception, an IWU transfer advisor assisted the incoming students with registering for classes. Because 14 of the students will be commuting together from the Chicago area, IWU is working with them to cluster their classes and clinicals on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to limit the number of days they are required to be on campus. To further assist former ITT Tech students, IWU has also increased the number of eligible credits from 62 to 90, waived any application fees and awarded eligible students a scholarship that takes 10 percent off the price of tuition.  

“Each student comes with a story,” said Ihrke. “We want to hear their story, provide hope and add value to their life. Not only will they receive a quality education, but they will hear about the greatest gift – the love of Jesus Christ. I am pleased to see IWU reach out to the students to help them meet their educational goals.”

All 21 of the incoming students have been admitted to the IWU School of Nursing and will begin their studies in January 2017.

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