IWU to offer graduate Certificate in Professional Coaching

Indiana Wesleyan University, through the Division of Graduate Counseling, is offering a new academic certificate for those interested in professional coaching education. The 18-credit hour graduate Certificate in Professional Coaching is designed to give students the opportunity to learn life-coaching skills to apply to their chosen career fields. Coaching has developed from positive psychology principles, and is an excellent helping approach to motivate individuals, build teams, strengthen relationships, and explore strengths, values and goals.

“Coaching is an empowering, action-oriented helping profession based on positive psychology principles,” said Dr. Erin Davis, assistant professor of Graduate Counseling. “And, students who complete the IWU coaching certificate will gain a solid understanding of coaching theories and techniques, and how to apply these with individuals and systems in their various career fields.”

Students will take two introductory classes— which cover theories and techniques in helping professions— and four coaching classes—which are geared towards teaching coaching theories and techniques. The graduate certificate is intended to be completed online in one academic year, or across three or more semesters. There are also optional onsite trainings available (at an additional cost) if students would like to become a certified coach. 

Student registrations for the graduate Certificate in Professional Coaching are in process for Fall 2016. For more information and to apply, click here.
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