IWU Announces Support for the Global Centurion Foundation

Over the past two decades, human trafficking has increased tremendously.  It is now estimated that 38 million people are trapped in some form of modern day slavery around the world, and that criminals have become increasingly sophisticated, generating over $150 billion per year from this crime.  It is crucial that we cooperate and collaborate to combat this abuse, focusing on all aspects of the problem, from prevention, to prosecution, to protection and assistance for those who have been victimized.

From 2013 to 2015, Global Centurion Foundation (GCF) conceptualized and developed the idea of a new Center for the Study of Human Trafficking, headquartered in Washington DC, to research particular aspects of human trafficking, and to draft new policies and laws and create new programs based on this research. This work highlights GCF's pioneering work linking organized crime and human trafficking; understanding the health consequences of human trafficking and developing training to help health providers identify and care for trafficking victims; and continuing to create demand reduction programs that work.

In 2014, Dr. Laura Lederer, at the invitation of Indiana Wesleyan University's leadership, joined the faculty to help it build an enhanced capability to address human trafficking. Thanks to Dr. Lederer's assistance, IWU is better positioned to prepare students and faculty to address this great social evil. Dr. Lederer is now returning to focus on GCF's work in Washington, D.C., and build the Center for the Study of Human Trafficking in Washington D.C. as originally intended, under the auspices of GCF.

IWU applauds this approach and in recognition of the importance of Dr. Lederer' s work and its continuation, is providing substantial financial support to insure the uninterrupted continuation of this work and the new Center.

"In giving this gift to a valued partner organization, IWU recognizes the need to invest in the type of data driven research GCF has done since its inception," said IWU President David Wright.

In thanking IWU for this significant financial support, GCF President Laura Lederer said, "It is critically important to stay focused on understanding the field of human trafficking through careful research and to build programs based on evidence of what works to end the problem, rather than merely managing it. IWU's gift will help GCF meet that goal."

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