IWU Professor to Deliver Educational Reform Keynote Address

Brad Oliver

The current state of educational reform in Indiana will be high on the agenda at the upcoming 65th Annual Indiana School Board Association/Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents Fall Conference at the Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN, September 15-16, 2014.

Giving voice to that vital issue will be Dr. Brad Oliver, Associate Professor in the School of Education Leadership and member of the Indiana State Board of Education. Oliver will be the keynote speaker for the 3rd General Session on September 16, taking place from 1:15-2:15PM. His topic, "Beyond Reform to Relationship," will examine the current state of educational reform in Indiana. Dr. Oliver's presentation will emphasize the need for school leaders and education policy experts to consider the relational health of Indiana's schools as a critical component to addressing current challenges.

"The session aims to challenge the past approach to education reform's one-size-fits-all model in Indiana," Oliver says. "It will examine what we know about the challenges facing P-12 education today and will uncover the fact that the majority of these challenges are highly relational in nature, not pedagogical. As such, they require a relational approach to leadership that unleashes the influence of K-12 stakeholders around a common mission or purpose."

The ISBA/IAPSS Annual Fall Conference brings the latest information and some of the most informed experts on current topics in education together to further the work of Indiana educators. Oliver's address represents the innovative thinking common to IWU's School of Education Leadership, a leading program for adults who are on the forefront of educational change.

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