Indiana Wesleyan University Artist Receives Honors

Rod Crossman

Rod Crossman, Indiana Wesleyan University artist in residence, recently received two notable accolades.

Princess Takamado of Japan featured some of Crossman's painting in her collective series on sporting arts given at the University of Tokyo. Crossman discovered the honor when contacted about copyright privileges for the publication of the series in "The Lecture Transcripts/Her Highness Princess Takamado."

Since then, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of Washington D.C. selected Crossman from a pool of national artists as the feature artist for a 2012 issue of the agency's quarterly magazine entitled "Eddies." The journal, which focuses on environmental issues connected to natural water resources, will exhibit a six-page feature article on Crossman and his work in the October issue.

Dallas Walters, a professor in the Art Department, said that Crossman's art has been on a creative journey.

"In the last few years, his work has made a monumental transition and now addresses issues facing the artist and society in the 21st century. He is challenging the viewer to face issues of sustainability and resource allocation," said Walters.

Crossman has served at IWU for the past 31 years and said that his success is just one of many that members of the university community produce each day.

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