IWU Dedicates New Lexington Education and Conference Center

Lexington Open House
Indiana Wesleyan University and the community of Lexington, Kentucky, came together this morning to dedicate the new facility for IWU's Lexington Education & Conference Center.

"We have a great affinity and a great appreciation for Kentucky," said IWU President Dr. Henry Smith. "We believe that this particular facility is a symbolic gesture that we are here to stay … Wherever we have a piece of Indiana Wesleyan University established, it is part of us."

Located in Lexington's popular Hamburg area, the comfortable, well-appointed facility, with its expansive hallways and large windows, has become a welcoming space for more than 275 of IWU's 15,000 students. IWU Lexington has also earned praise from area businesses that use it as a conference space.

"We're quite spoiled here. The wide hallways, our catering, the service-I have yet to get a negative feedback," said Barrie Wilson, the facility's office manager. "I think it's probably the best-kept secret in Lexington."

IWU has been a part of Lexington since 2005. The new 14,400-square-foot location offers six technologically up-to-date classrooms, a chapel with artful stained glass windows, group study rooms, a comfortable student lounge/break area, a computer lab/library area and an executive conference room.

Involved in the ribbon cutting were Kevin Adkins, chief development officer for the City of Lexington; Robert L. Quick, president and CEO of Commerce Lexington;Kelly Bates, senior account executive atCommerce Lexington; Jimmy Ball and Steve Wright of Sir Barton Investments; IWU President Dr. Smith; IWU Provost Dr. David Wright; IWU Executive Vice President Dr. Keith Newman; and Vice President of the IWU College of Adult and Professional Studies Dr. Bridget Aitchison.

The Lexington Education and Conference Center is located at 2530 Sir Barton Way, Lexington, Kentucky, 40509.

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