The Academy of Educational Leadership Honors Lilly Foundation and IWU Partnership

Allied Academies

The Academy of Educational Leadership will honor the Lilly Foundation and Indiana Wesleyan University with a Creative and Innovative Education Award for "academic enrichment, retention, and life calling." The award will be presented at the Allied Academies Spring International Conference in New Orleans, April 4-6.

The Allied Academies, Inc., is a non-profit corporation that is a federation of 14 affiliate academies including the Academy of Educational Leadership that represent various business fields. Criteria for recognition include the ongoing delivery of outstanding instruction and education, and the practice of innovative and creative education.

The conference program notes: "Since 1985, the Lilly Foundation has donated $40,227,000 to Indiana Wesleyan University and has helped to support innovation in higher education throughout the Midwest."

"Indiana Wesleyan University has been blessed by transformational gifts from the Lilly Foundation," Executive Vice President Keith Newman said. "Their support has helped shape our campus and commitment to our mission of developing students in character, scholarship and leadership. We value our partnership and look forward to continuing to pursue excellence in all we do as the largest private university in Indiana."

The McConn Coffee Co., a student-run on-campus business that IWU business majors have built into the third largest coffe shop in Indiana was honored similarly last year.

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