Although the typical Christian university holds its expenses down so its cost to educate a student is less than it costs the typical state university, the tuition rate students are asked to pay at a state university is usually much less because much of the state university's expenses are paid with tax dollars.

However, thanks to grants and scholarships, the amount a student pays for tuition at a Christian university is often reduced to a level that makes attendance possible.

Through IWU's Church Matching Scholarship program, we match church scholarships dollar for dollar, up to $1,500 per student, per year for Wesleyan denominational churches and up to $1,000 per student, per year for all other churches. Last year this meant that $560,000 contributed by churches was matched and became over $1 million of financial aid!

The program provides an excellent way for churches to support their students and Indiana Wesleyan University as they each work to change the world for the sake of Christ. As churches give, it reminds their students that their congregation loves them and supports their decision to pursue a Christian education.

The links at the left will explain the program further and help provide the funds to make your students' attendance at IWU possible.

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