A collection of three short operas: 

Juliet, by Philip Seward, adapted from Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, this work finds Juliet’s nurse and Lady Capulet in conversation about love vs. duty, and the meaning of marriage, just outside of Juliet’s bedroom as she sneaks away to meet Romeo and her inevitable fate. 

Meanwhile, Back at Cinderella’s, by Dennis Arlan. Everyone knows the classic tale of rags to riches – the story of Cinderella.  We’ve heard it, read it or seen it time and time again, and always from Cinderella’s point of view.  But what about her poor long-suffering family?  Isn’t it time to hear their side of the story?  And are Princes always charming?  Are Fairy-Godmothers (or Fathers!) always first-rate magicians?  Can there be something new to be learned from the tale of Cinderella?

Scrapbookers, by Leanna Kirchoff, tells the tale of Carole and Noel, two estranged sisters who meet at a scrapbooking party, or “Crop,” to create a special gift for their parents’ upcoming 50th wedding anniversary.  As they work together on the project and view pictures from their childhood, they re-discover the “ties that bind.” 

Attendance to this event is limited to IWU employees and students as well as parents and siblings of cast members. 

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